Rage Extreme Chisel 2-Blade Broadhead 100Gr 2.3in Cut 3pk

The Chisel Tip Extreme from Rage is one of the most devastating broadheads available. The Extreme features a chisel tip for bone crushing penetration coupled with the giant hemorrhaging cuts of the Extreme. This broadhead also utilizes the Rage Shock Collar blade retention system for superior blade retention over conventional rubber bands. Features: SlipCam rear blade deployment; 2.3" cutting diameter; Chisel Tip ; Massive wound channels; Shock Collar blade retention system; Leading blade honed to surgical sharpness; Sweeping blade angle maintains kinetic energy longer; Not recommended for draw weights under 55 pounds. Technical Information: Weight - 100 grains; Broadhead Type - mechanical; Number of Blades - 2; Cutting Diameter - 2.3"; Ferrule Material - aluminum; Blade Material - steel; Replaceable Blades - Yes. 3 pack. Model 55100