GandG Tan The Body Guard - Size 1 T727-1XL

Waistband holster of long-lasting 4 in. wide elastic. Adjustable hook and loop closure. For front or back gun carry. Also includes one pocket for magazine or knife, and one pocket for cuffs. For right or left-hand use. Fits waists 50'' - 54''. Fits most small autos including Beretta Tomcat, 21; Ruger LCP and LCP with Crimson Trace; Colt Mustang; Sig P238; Kel Tec P3AT, P32; Kahr P380; S&W Body Guard 380.
  • Designed to be worn under shirt at or above waistband
  • Features weapon, mag and cuff pouches
  • Fits "SMALL" autos
  • Uses adjustable hook & loop closure
  • Fits waist sizes 50" - 54